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Super-crunchy bite-size rice crackers, inspired by warriors, hand-crafted by mortals, delicious snacking anytime, anywhere!

Inspired by Warriors

Before 1949, Thailand was known as Old Siam. It was a country almost always at war as its warriors fought for independence against marauding neighbours.

They say an army marches on its stomach, and the Siamese warriors needed sustenance to grab on-the-go at any time – snacks we call them nowadays!

The warriors’ rice cracker snacks were made by the womenfolk of the villages. There was no mass production; they were cooked and shaped with real love by real hands.

Whilst ours are a little more sophisticated, it was this story from Thai food history that inspired us to make Neat’s rice crackers. And, to keep them as authentic as possible, we work with farming communities in Northern Thailand that grow the rice and hand-craft our crackers in the first stage of production.

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Hand-Crafted by Mortals

Neat’s rice crackers are made from sticky rice grown in its prime farming region of Northern Thailand. Sticky rice is perfect for our crackers; it gives the sensational Neat’s crunch!

Sticky rice cultivation is hard work, and our rice families tend the crop from planting to harvest, when it’s all hands to the padi wherever the family member may have been at the time!

After harvest, the rice is cooked, shaped and dried – all by hand. After this hand-crafting, you can still see the whole grains of rice in each cracker – this makes Neat’s unique.

Our crackers are then shipped (literally), to the U.K., where they are cooked and the sea salt, chilli and wasabi flavours added. We keep them as natural and simple as possible and make them in a certified gluten-free facility. Finally, the finished crackers are packaged and distributed to our stockists and sold here on our website.

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Healthy Snacking

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Great for Vegans

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The UK’s First Hand-Crafted Rice Crackers

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Natural Ingredients

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